Our competency 
will define the value
of our work.

For Life Professionals.

Core Competency 1



Algocare and its members have high standards to make better results.

Core Competency 2



Since we are making the whole new service, there is no right answer. 
That is why Algocare members must use their own initiatives.

Core Competency 3



Algocare members always find the way to finish their own mission even in harsh circumstances like lack of resources or technical limitation. 

Core Competency 4



Algocare members focus on the tasks which have great impact, 
not wasting the precious time and energy resources on immaterial things.

Core Competency 5


Algocare members work together like PRO (professional) no matter how old you are  or how long you have worked for. We collaborate together based on trust and confidence.

Core Competency 6



Algocare members give feedbacks openly to each other.  By recognizing the strength and the weakness clearly, you can grow as a better individual.

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