Be in complete control
of your own health.

For Life Professionals.


Be in complete control
of your own health.


Algocare's customized real-time solution suggests you absolute control over your own nutrition and health.


From a thirst for professional
healthcare service.

Algocare is founded by the lawyer who was willing to take good care not only of her work and household but also of her own health.

In the winter of 2019,

when Jay Joung was heading back to work right after put her baby to bed, she saw the bunch of expired nutrient supplements on her kitchen counter. 

That was when she decided to start the company which helps people to take good care of their own health with professional level service.

Jay and all the members of Algocare believe
this service will definitely benefit the world.


Healthcare should be personalized
with precise diagnosis.

In the winter of 2019, 
Algocare set the goal to build the whole new healthcare service which provides personalized solutions for every body.

Experts from medical, pharmaceutical, regulations, IT and hardware fields gathered to accomplish this goal with highly architected healthcare AI system.

Algocare believes that healthcare should be personalized with precise diagnosis.


Algocare AI knows
your health the best.

Algocare has its own research lab called Algocare Labs, which consists of medical doctors, pharmacists and data scientists. 

Algocare Labs has researched on numerous studies and theses to architect Algocare’s professional nutrition AI system.

Algocare AI helps individuals to have perfect dose of nutrients, which even can draw 8 billion different solutions for all the 8 billion people.


Innovative platform
for total healthcare.

Algocare is creating the innovative healthcare platform which will help everyone diagnosed and cared at the same time.

Do you know that nutrient supplement market has barely changed over 50 years?

Now it is time to make change,
and Algocare is the solution.


The whole new
nutrition care service.

Nutrition is the key to good physical and mental health. That is why Algocare's first service is the personalized solution care. 

Especially, modern people are unable to have nutritionally balanced meal and have difficulty on learning precise diet information. However, with Algocare, you might have the best care of your own nutrition and health condition. 

Algocare AI helps you to have perfect dose of nutrients even considering your life pattern and daily conditions. 

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