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We truly care
about your nutrition.



The nutrient supplements market hasn’t changed in over 50 years!
Algocare is the first and only company that truly cares about your nutrition balance.

for you

We care for you when you don't have time to care for yourself.

We’re all pre-occupied with our hectic daily lives

Algocare is designed for busy modern people who recognize the importance of proper nutrition and supplements, but don’t have the time to concentrate on it.

Algocare NaaS makes it simple to take care of your own nutrition.

perfect nutrition

A shot of nutrients
for a day.

Algocare’s Healthcare AI algorithm delivers perfectly measured, personalized combinations of nutrients based on analysis of your body-composition, medication, records, health history, habits and current symptoms.

Algocare is the only nutrient and supplement solution with the unique, unrivaled technology capable of accurately analyzing your body’s nutritional data.

perfect dose

Only as much as
you need.

Algocare Labs' researchers have rigorously analyzed and gathered nutritional data from medical and pharmaceutical sources spanning 100 years.

Algocare’s AI algorithm combines this data with your own health information to calculate the perfect, customized dose of daily nutrients your body needs.

By entering details about you daily health condition the dosage can be calculated with even greater precision.

perfect nutrients

Perfect nutrients
combination for you.

Healthcare AI analyzes your personal health data to calculate your NNI (Nutrition Needs Index) to deliver the perfect combination of 10 core nutrients which your body needs.

Algocare’s nutrient combination is based on your body-composition, medication, records, health history, habits and current health condition.

NaaS Package

delicately designed nutrition care service

Nutrition Engine Plus+

Innovative IoT Device which
dispenses a shot of nutrients

Nutrition Bottle

HACCP- certified container carefully designed to protect nutrients from contaminants

Millimeter-sized Supplements

Optimal size for precise personalized combinations and convenient to consume

Algocare Mobile App

Mobile App which shows your nutrition history and health conditions.

Facts about Algocare AI

2 years

Algocare Labs has researched and developed 

AI algorithm for almost 2 years.

273 types

Algocare Labs has studied 273 types of


408 types

Algocare Labs has reviewed and examined
408 types of symptoms.

53,174 types

Algocare Labs has reviewed 53,174 sorts of medicines.

(Korea Food & Drug Administration Certified)

2,010 pieces

Algocare Labs has reviewed and examined 2010 papers of theses and researches.

7,132 people

7,132 people have participated in the Algocare AI algorithm verification and validation.

142 factors

142 factors as variables are considered by Algocare AI algorithm

ex. age, gender, body-component, genetic health risk, etc.

121 types

121 types of diseases are considered and tracked by Algocare AI algorithm

33 types

33 types of symptoms are considered and managed by Algocare AI algorithm

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